October 2007

1st Show me the power of Red.
2nd New code and new maps.
3rd More searching for housemates.
4th What? More Lego! You can't serious Batman!
5th The cleaning starts.
6th 80cm of fun and showing people through the house.
7th Thought I would not be doing shelf hangers anymore.
8th New job postponed a few weeks.
9th New team of villans and heroes.
10th Gardening, cleaning, tidying up and turning down tenants.
11th Marisa looks at the place.
12th Last day at current work and the start of a new beginning.
13th GP run to the island with 6000 other riders. A nice way to spend the day.
14th Watching bikes run around a track.
15th New site, new job. Marisa and baby move in.
16th Summit and Baby are not seeing eye to eye.
17th More work, more updates.
18th This vacuum sucks.
19th Last day of work for a week.
20th Sitting at home doing nothing much and relaxing.
21st Wedding day...almost. :(
22nd Took bike in for a service and get a few other things checked out as well.
23rd Why can't people just say what they really mean from the start?
24th Bike won't be ready by the weekend and will (hopefully) be done next week.
25th More relaxing with nothing to do.
26th Last minute updates to the site and getting ready for the weekend.
27th The start of a very long weekend.
28th A very busy day organizing wvd.
29th Are you nuts? Of the milk kind.
30th More work from home.
31st Getting the bike back on the weekend.
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