November 2007

1st Damn backup.
2nd Get the bike back for free for now and can pay for it later.
3rd Finally got the bike back.
4th Riding around with a throttle rocker really helps the hands.
5th Eating dvd - Pay it forward!
6th Sitting at home not watching the horse racing.
7th Two and a half hours on the phone, can we talk that much? Can we listen that much? Can we learn that much? Yes we can.
8th More late nights and running around in the server room swapping out hardware.
9th Another week of being on call.
10th Must not forget to get eyes checked.
11th 4am call out, a nice way to wake up.
12th More responsibility at work.
13th $1198 in repairs not including the tank. Long letters (there are 26 in the alphabet) and communication.
14th Thinking of better things that may be in the future.
15th Payday and already broke. A very long on call shift from 7.30pm to 2.30 am.
16th Fuel tank starting to leak, good thing it is getting fixed in a few weeks.
17th Move overtime and parting with more $ for bills.
18th Wanting a hug and chat but it's not going to happen.
19th More late nights at the factory.
20th Asked a question and now it is my turn to wait for an answer.
21st Hey look over there --> it's a bush, lets go beat around it. Go a call from the boss and he wants me to work 12 hours tomorrow, so it's gonna be a long day.
22nd Get out the Ouija board and planchette for some ghost hunting.
23rd Oil leak near side stand.
24th Going green in new era.
25th Time to increase the cap.
26th New name and address details.
27th Scouting the web.
28th Not exactly as planned but it will do for now.
29th Removed the scouting and going with something else that seems to work better, it also costs more.
30th Corbin researching.
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