May 2007

1st Burnt toast and leaving. Just want to hug and be hugged xo
2nd Rice and mixed veg, baked beans on toast, puffed rice cereal, more toast, sultana bran and he is still hungry! How much can a four year old eat?
3rd There's a gluten free shop close to home?? WooHoo!!
4th True words in puzzles.
5th Food glorious food.....Now we need a dishwasher!
6th NO...We don't want to do that or that or that!
7th Planning begins.
8th Apple no like the printer.
9th How can I go shopping and not buy junk food?
10th Steeple Chase.
11th 200 days :)
12th 16 hours sleep
13th Mother's Day. Hommus and jam? And a seven rose buds.....
14th Just one more row...I have to finish the neckline...just one more row.
15th A 50 pack of Clarentine? Still not enough.
16th Don't forget the bread.
17th Bike room in the two car garage....
18th Time to start looking for wedding rings?!?!
19th New suit.
20th Platinum...maybe?
21th Chip run
22nd What size needle is that?
23rd Hugs r good.
24th Scienceworks with the best little five year old in the world.
25th Cleaning, planning, cooking, setting up.
26th Party Day!!
27th Rings, suit, haircut and helicopters.
28th So thats called a brasier!?
29th Wet and wild.
30th ntm :-(
31st Happy Birthday PP....did you like the flowers? :-)... Yes, the entire service desk liked the flowers :D
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