March 2007

1st 1 week. 7 days. 168 hours. 10,080 minutes. 604,800 seconds.
2nd ER.
3rd We have food and we know where to find it!!! (We now also know how to find Other things ;) )
4th Pool Party where no-one got wet! Back rubs, tidy kitchen, heaps of washing rewashed...
5th One of us got to sleep in!!!
6th Check email address BEFORE just hitting reply and send....
7th More lots of ways...
8th Pc's trying to talk to pc's....lucky someone has a REAL computer...(and can run quickly...not elegantly, but quickly!!)
9th Can you say 15%? :D
10th How much pizza can the little guy eat?
11th New dining room, now where do we put the table?
12th "... but I want to eat YOUR toast!!!"
13th Sleeping just takes up so much time of your day.
14th Bang! Crash! *Little boy screams*. What a way to start the day.
15th Good times.
16th A few days off.
17th Getting a few things fixed.
18th Picnic in the park.
19th Cleaning and making things official :-P
20th Black and white photography then a few pokes and prods followed by some cracking.
21st Smoother ride and back to work.
22nd One month of living together! Long and busy days.
23rd Something Weird is happening...
24th Timing is everything...
25th Agreeable mornings are...yes!
26th I took the long way home.
27th But I want to be in the X-Ray too!
28th Pancakes for 5AM!!!
29th A nice way to fall asleep, and a lovely way to wake the arms of the one you love.
30th Questions, questions, and even more what was the answer again? Gee I forgot :P May need to ask again a bit later.... or maybe sooner, who knows? *um, what the???!!!!*
31st Running with scissors for some and bike riding and car maintenance for others
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