June 2007

1st Free hugs anytime. :)
2nd Matching wallets :-) Shoes ordered for October....
3rd No, not the one with the green lid, the other one with the green lid!! Bite me ;-)
4th What!! No Juice? Time to clean out the car.
5th Kids running around. What a great sight.
6th Dinner at mums...........................dropping off a lemon
7th Trip to Daylesford - TWINS.
8th Pizza and a runny nose.(not to be eaten at same time)
9th Chest of drawers. Wrong colour, wrong size....eh! It works...
10th Where is the velcro?
11th Volunteering can take some time...just like getting to know someone can.
12th Getting to sleep without B...who was more concerned, B or the little one? :) and later.... Pizza and Prada.
13th Must stop fiddling with the PC!!!
14th When reversing you say "beep...beep...beep...beep...beep..."
15th We need some pasta, about 138 dollars worth should do it!
16th Workshop, matching phones (GRRRRR), and a beautiful card xoxo
17th Visiting Gran, and too much foxtel (GRRRR). Can you say lasagna?
18th Parcels, parcels and more parcels.
19th Actually put coffee in the cup??? Tuesday...must be pizza night!
20th I didn't get the job and after hearing the reason why that is a good thing.
21st Basket ball and blocked drains.
22nd Extra olives with out the extra olives.
23rd Cook the beans before cooking them.
24rd Clothes party, possible venue and too much chocolate cake.
25th 12 hour days at work.
26th What! No pizza?
27th More overtime and sleeping on the couch.
28th Hmm, now what did we get up to?
29th More overtime! More knitting!
30th Overtime again at home...new shopping centres...
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