July 2007

1st A day of leaping and a night of getting knitting needles to those in need.
2nd Tired and sore bones.
3rd Little sleep as little one has a restless night.
4th Going for a few hundred $ walk.
5th Planning to move house.
6th Start of a lonely night and a 168 hour shift.
7th Spotlight and welcome home.
8th Summit looses a hiding place.
9th Snuggling, cuddling, kissing, hugging.
10th More overtime, more lego, need to do more washing and thinking about October.
11th Even more lego.
12th Thinking, wanting, loving, needing, texting, messaging.
13th End of a very long week.
14th New shoes.
15th Incentives. :)
16th Small fingers = lost ring :( The ring is only a symbol, what matters is what's in our hearts.
17th Early morning and late nights.
18th IT'S BACK!!! After a few stressful days the ring has been found and back on the finger where is belongs.
19th Apples have more power.
20th Why cant I see the ftp?
21st Crazy movie.
22nd Thinking way way too far in the future.
23rd Sore neck, bad headache.
24th Socks
25th Gold Class!
26th Broken door.
27th Late night shop for junk food.
28th Fridge go bye bye.
29th Apple can see real pc.
30th Possible new possibilities.
31st New door.
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