January 2007

1st Another relaxing day and spent the night back at home.
2nd Lasagna and plums from the tree.
3rd Another day waking up to Bob the builder.
4th Don't ya hate it when you loose an ear ring?
5th Not feeling well and spent the day at home sleeping being looked after.
6th Spent more money at the shaver shop and relaxed most of the day and washed trucks with toothpaste.
7th We want junk food!
8th Sitting on a park bench with the two loved ones under the warm sun eating finger food for lunch.
9th Setup a friends laptop and sat outside under the fig tree for dinner.
10th What better is there than cuddling on the couch?
11th Damn printer!
12th Meebo time
13th Bought some clothes then went to the beach for some fun.
14th Cleaned up a bit, caught up with friends and back home to watch movies outside.
15th Have to learn how to prepare toast. You put butter and jam all the way to the edges!!
16th Pancakes for dinner? Yeah sure, why not? :D
17th F(0)=0, F(1)=1, F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2), n>1
18th Oooooo so many pretty water colours.
19th More spending on ebay.
20th Ouch!
21st Panniers are not waterproof.
22nd Body Crystal is working so far.
23rd Sad day as the Suzuki is sold and the new owner has taken her away. A great little bike that I enjoyed.
25th Calm, quiet and lonely.
26th Day off work and more pottering around the house.
27th Met more of the family and got some time together later that night.
28th Cluck Cluck.
29th Deciding where things should go.
30th Moving boxes around making room to put other things.
31st Don't ya hate it when things spill in the kitchen and you have to clean it up?
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