February 2007

1st Cute little bear.
2nd More training at work and will be getting time off soon.
3rd The weather forcast is for hot 30+ degrees, high tide with rough seas and 10km knots.
4th Holding, embracing, cuddling, hugging, contacting, kissing, feeling, accepting, warming, loving, understanding, learning, yearning, wanting, caring, admiring, adoring, just being.
5th Lunch in the park on a nice warm day hugging the ones you love.
6th Takes about four minutes to cook toast.
7th As Gomer would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!".
8th It's red!
9th New bracelet.
10th Packing the house into boxes.
11th Damn sneezing
12th Cute cuddly snuggly purple bear.
13th First time alone in a few weeks. :(
14th Real emotion, real feelings, real thoughts, real tears, real happiness, real love....this is real.
15th mmmmmmm garlic breath.
16th Back in the arms of the true one.
17th More packing and watching Lars and Robbie.
18th "Yes, I know" he said, "I read it in a book". "Oh, piss off!" was her reply. They both laughed and gave each other a hug.
19th :(
20th New bed, new room.
21st Lost internet for the day, but fixed it later.
22nd Fourmonthaversary.
23rd New shirts & I get to spend the night in the arms of Bek.
24th More cleaning and packing and both tired and sore.
25th Spending, spending and more spending.
26th Last day of my current job and a present on the front step from Summit.
27th First day of my new job at DC. No not those light blue sheets, the "other" light blue sheets. :p
28th The past is what shapes us. The future is what awaits us. One step at a time together...healing, understanding, learning, exploring, discovering, planning, enjoying. Living. ;) True love knows no bounds. THIS IS REAL xo
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