December 2007

1st Trivia night answering the most correct answers.
2nd Kicking back on the couch doing nothing much.
3rd Change of plans.
4th Quote of the day "I am so hungry I could eat the crotch out of a low flying duck!"
5th 3...2...1... Contact!
6th Another day of thinking and wanting things.
7th Really hard to get into the office without the security pass.
8th L -0.75 + R -0.75 = 20/50 = legally road blind. Fix = 20/20 = $650
9th Toy run with a few thousand other riders.
10th Research, research, research.
11th Catching up with old friends.
12th More on-call and catching up on sleep.
13th Two more days till I can see clearly now the rain has gone....
14th Finally got paid for August.
15th New contacts.
16th Wearing the Coopervision 8.7 BC's and not comfortable. Will try out the Acuview 9.0 BC's
17th Let the downloading begin.
18th No more lego. :-(
19th Clothes shopping at work gets some cheap stuff.
20th Call me four eyes ::-)
21st 17 hour days at work are long but it pays the bills.
22nd More calls out and forgetting to go to the optomitrist.
23rd Mopping up after the heavy rains and trying to fix the hole in the ceiling.
24th Cruisy day at work kicking back and relaxing.
25th Christmas with family.
26th Nuts at shopping center fighting to find parking.
27th Return trip to Sydney and back again to Melbourne tomorrow for the GPS.
28th Locating Satellites.
29th 273 kms in 33+ degrees reaching 39 for a few hours. Map of ride.
30th Time to play the numbers game. Lets start with 134.6.
31st Kicking back trying to keep cool in the heat.
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