April 2007

1st Vaccuuming everywhere but UNDER the table! :P
2nd But I don't want to go to bed, the couch is nice and comfy.
3rd As Otis Redding would say "Try A Little Tenderness".
and But I don't want to go to bed, the couch is nice and comfy.

4th a. "Captain, yer overloadin' her as it is. The power supply just isn't strong enough." "Scotty, where is that power!?" "Captain, I'm givin ye all she's got."
b. Interpretation.
c. See 3rd.....may be required after a/b....

5th "I'm charging up the Dylithium crystals now Captain, they will be ready soon and she will be back to full power again ready to fight more Klingons!!" "You're a miracle worker Scotty, a miracle worker."
6th Making sun rooms sunny.
7th Putting things back together after a fall. Picking things up and hiding them. Achoo, Achoo, Achoo.
8th Family....yes! we are still vegan! No we really do not eat meat, and that includes eggs! And lamb!!! Locking doors, laying carpet, measuring windows.
9th Snoring. Book shelves. If you've fallen, you've fallen and sometimes it is so worth it :-D ;-)
10th Changing schedules. Waiting to hug
11th Mornings ;-P and ntm.....
12th Well, it must have been good cause we cannot remember!!!
13th Friday 13th, one of those days......
14th Walkies!!! Pete is able to say 'yes' to some things....;-) (note to self: get D to ask :-P ) We have a toaster and a hutch!! Yay....and 1 week to go until it is 6 months :-D...
15th Sewing a dress for little girl to see her smile on her birthday.
16th Is that another A1 I put a bid on?
17th M.O.R.O.N.
18th We have 5 rooms in the house.
19th More falling....some good, some deeper...
20th Just want to be together, wrapped up safely in the arms of the ones we love...squishy or what?!!
21st Dress - $90
Accessories - $20
Flower - $5
The look on his face when I asked him to marry me - Priceless
And I did it all without the use of a mastercard!!!

22nd Waking up in the arms of our betrothed....Told the family, bought a ring for the one who did the proposing... wanna see?
23rd More photos.
24th Garlic pizza after dinner? Sure, why not!
25th A two and a half day old baby in his mothers arms....what a wonderful sight.
26th Listening to heartbeats.
27th Home alone.
28th Running around tables at the park - quickly.
29th Having cake and eating it too.
30th Where are the keys? Needle goes in...
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