November 2006

1st Where will this thing lead?
2nd Thinking and thunking.
3rd Chatted as we always do on most days.
4th Went to dinner, had the noodles, big dish that I didn't finish.
5th Chatted on phone in the afternoon, then again at night for 208 minutes.
6th Feeling lousy today. Need a hug. Sat on the couch, drank tea and thought about pineapples.
7th Still got a sore throat. Grabbed some medication on the way to work. Hopefully it fixes me up by tonight. gf came over and gave me a hug. :)
08th Rough night as I didn't get much sleep. Coughing kept my up all night.
9th Cough getting better. Chatted on phone a little bit, only 117 minutes this time.
10th Friday YAY! Metting up later tonight to watch a movie. Didn't end up watching the movie.
11th Picnic in the Botanical gardens and running around trees.
12th Yum Cha lunch at Natural and Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant. Spoke for 83 minutes on phone later that night.
13th Bring on the flowers. Was chatting for 78 minutes then Andy asked to use the phone.
14th Got on the table and paid $50.
15th Different levels of Elle, drinking lots and something else.
16th Aawwwww how cute, Summit sleeping on the couch next to d.
17th Cooking what ever is on page 42. Hit the road at about 80ks, sore foot, bruised ribs, it's all good got a hug.
18th Nice warm bath with essential oils and burning candles to soothe my aching bones.
19th It's hot. 30 degrees, no wind and we are at a stall but it's nice to spend the whole day on our 4-week-aversary (yes I know how to spell) together.
19th Speechless!!
20th After thinking about it, thinking some more then waiting a bit before thinking again and just to be sure a bit more over thinking, yes, I accept.
21st Home cooked meal and a hug what more could you want? For some reason I feel like coconut cream pie. Anyone have a vegan recipe to make some?
22nd The best way to start the day, breakfast in bed. Booked in to see the Osteo on Monday after work.
23rd Study, study and more study for the ITIL training.
24th Catching up and going out for dinner.
25th Spent the day training and went out for dinner with a group of friends.
26th More training, roast veggies for dinner and puffed corn for breakfast.
27th Reading, reading and more reading.
28th Peanut Butter and Vegemite sandwich. Strange combination but someone has to try it.
29th Several hours with B reading questions and going through the material.
30th More hours reading. Very helpfull and worth the time spent as shows in the passing of the test. ITIL Certification now received. Went to mums later that night.
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