December 2006

1st Calm, stress free and relaxed now the test is over.
2nd Picked a few things, went to see gran and had a good day.
3rd Test rode a GTR1000, not bad, needs a small amount of work but a good bike.
4th Always good to get a back rub. Got some grief from Terry about the GTR1000 but it is expected from him.
5th Some random unknown dinner is being made tonight. Found the surprise :)
6th Breakfast on bed again.
7th Purple overload, shirts, tops, ties and even a coconut!
8th Called Insurance and organised cover note.
9th The credit cards got a work out today as a new member of the family (Connie) was purchased. Got a new keyring, engraved and all! smily
10th Christmas lunch at Dave's on a hot 30+ degree day.
11th A bit more running around before picking up the bike.
12th Coconut and celery for dinner.
13th Spend another night snuggling up to the one I love.
14th Picked up the bike and went for a ride.
15th It's Friday. YAY!! Way too many keys on the keyring now. Will have to sort them out
16th Went to the Botanical Gardens for Bek's birthday. Great day lazing around enjoying the sun and chatting with friends.
17th Another lazy day doing nothing much, cleaned the house a bit and kept telling Bek to lie down and get some rest. Went to mums later that night for dinner.
18th ITIL Cert and pin came in the mail at work.
19th Signed up to the GTR1000 Club. Ate rice with mixed veg and crispy tofu for dinner and got cuddled to sleep.
20th Another great day for a ride and cuddling on the couch later in the afternoon.
21st Nice walk and lunch with my two loved ones.
22st Cuddling on the couch watching movies.
23rd Shopping, spend a fair bit of $ and the rest of the day was (mostly) relaxing.
24th Relaxing most of the day and went to a friends for dinner.
25th The family and friends finally met 'us'.
26th Spend even more $, this time on a teeth brush.
27th Picked up a few things for the bike and a new set of cutlery.
28th Movies, cuddling on the couch, snuggling later on, it's all good.
29th Birthday for a cousin
30th Nice drive to Rosebud and lunch at a cafe.
31st Relaxing day doing nothing much and saw fireworks later that night.
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